They Asked for a King

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses venerate and adore the Governing Body? Some have witnessed this on more than one occasion — so, why is this happening in the congregations? Why is it being permitted?
Alex Rover has written an excellent post on this very subject that is highly recommended for getting a better idea of what is actually taking place within the Organization right now.

Beroean Pickets

[This post was contributed by Alex Rover]

Some leaders are exceptional human beings, with a powerful presence, one inspiring of confidence. We are naturally drawn to exceptional people: tall, successful, well spoken, good looking.

Recently, a visiting Jehovah’s Witness sister (let’s call her Petra) from a Spanish congregation asked my opinion about the current Pope. I could sense an undertone of admiration for the man, and keeping in mind that she used to be Catholic, I sensed the true issue at hand.

The current Pope may well be such an exceptional person—a reformer with an apparent love for Christ. It would be only natural then that she feel an ounce of nostalgia for her former religion and inquired about him.

Spontaneously, 1 Samuel 8 came to my mind, where Israel asks Samuel to give them a king to lead them. I read verse 7 to her where Jehovah responded firmly:…

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